Arizona: Are you f***ing kidding me?

Arizona Republicans are moving to thwart education, to place creationism on the school curriculum is and gut evolution education.

I don't know why evolution is up for debate now. Especially when the alternate theory is "Invisible sky daddy made humans out of clay". How is that science, or a better explanation than evolution? Evolution is clear, concise and fact-based. We looked at the bones and anatomical structure of humans, Neanderthals and apes, and figured it out:

Apes > Neanderthals > Humans.

It's not complicated. At all. It's the simplest scientific fact in the history of science. Climate science is convoluted as fuck, but evolution is so simple to understand.

I shouldn't have to write this to explain that creationism didn't happen.

The clearest possible explanation I can give for why creationism is wrong is this:

Would an all-powerful, all-knowing god create Mike Pence?

Gimme a break. Seriously.

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ComicBooks reddit considers atheism hate speech

I was recently suspended from the subreddit r/comicbooks. When asked for an explanation, an administrator lied and claimed that I had committed "hate speech" for posting this link to atheist cartoonist Bosch Fawstin, a former Muslim, talking about how he was banned from Twitter because some thin-skinned fan of Marvel's Ms. Marvel comic book reported him for criticizing the comic,  and more specifically the assertion that the character could have her own movie despite sales being piss-poor:

Twitter, run by leftists, has become an Islamic company, for all intents and purposes. I was just suspended by Twitter for criticizing Marvel’s Muslim superhero comic book, Ms. Marvel. Marvel Comics publishing a pro-islam comic book that completely avoids the reality of jihad is like them publishing a German superhero comic book during World War Two, without mentioning the war going on.
Despite his criticisms being reasonable, this got Fawstin suspended from Twitter.

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Why Ta-Nehisi Coates should be fired from Captain America

Marvel's next writer for Captain America is Ta-Nehisi Coates, a writer with no significant experience in comics. Which of course isn't a qualifier for writing Captain America, of course. I have been in comics professionally for 15 years and I am not qualified to write Captain America. I am not greatly familiar with the comic books and only started the film series with its sequel. I couldn't get a copy of the first movie. I do, however, think a qualifier is that someone who loves America and what it stands for should be writing the comic, not a borderline racist who emphatically hates America, like the person who wrote the following about the firefighters and police who died saving victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001:

“They were not human to me. Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature; they were the fire, the comet, the storm, which could — with no justification — shatter my body.”
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I'm the *original* Horndog

I've moved forward in getting Horndog back in print. I'm establishing a new company called Oriental Studios, which will publish the rebooted Horndog #1, drawn by Robbie Allen inMay. And here is the logo for the new company:

First issue will be a continuation of the story picking off from where the comic left ofc in 2014. Then I want to do some sort of prequel series retelling the story arcs from 2003 to 2014 and eventually put together a trade paperback featuring the story in chronological order. I'm trying to get Dark Horse, Image, etc. interested in distribution. I've contacted the Oregon-based publishers first, then I'll go after the others. I think the craziest outcome would be if Marvel ended up publishing Horndog. The home of the legendary Howard the Duck. That'd be crazy, yo.

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