I'm the *original* Horndog

I've moved forward in getting Horndog back in print. I'm establishing a new company called Oriental Studios, which will publish the rebooted Horndog #1, drawn by Robbie Allen inMay. And here is the logo for the new company:

First issue will be a continuation of the story picking off from where the comic left ofc in 2014. Then I want to do some sort of prequel series retelling the story arcs from 2003 to 2014 and eventually put together a trade paperback featuring the story in chronological order. I'm trying to get Dark Horse, Image, etc. interested in distribution. I've contacted the Oregon-based publishers first, then I'll go after the others. I think the craziest outcome would be if Marvel ended up publishing Horndog. The home of the legendary Howard the Duck. That'd be crazy, yo.

Also, if you've noticed, I've changed my last name to McSpadden professionally because, A): In this modern political climate, it may be less professionally risky to have a n…